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This free information is designed to help you find your true Life Purpose - how and where you fit best in the universe and what to do with your life. Your destiny. Why you are here, why you are alive. Yes, life has a purpose. A higher purpose. Everyone has a life purpose. YOU have a life purpose, you just haven't uncovered it yet. Now you can.

The process of discovering one's life purpose took me 20 years to develop. So why am I revealing this process to discover your life purpose? Because I have a desire to inspire. A strong desire to help others improve their life. Through wisdom and truth. Sprinkled with a little humor. Having achieved a level of enlightenment (and humility) I desire to inspire, to help others improve their life ... n-o-w. I have done this throughout my adult life.

What's my life purpose? My life purpose is: "To clarify, simplify and communicate wisdom and truth - in order to help people who are ready and willing to improve their life - NOW". That is my life purpose. And I have written more than 20 inspirational books to implement and support it. Helping people discover their life purpose has improved their life - and given my life meaning, real meaning. And, now, it's your turn to discover YOUR life purpose.

Finding your true life purpose can help you

  • gain enlightenment
  • feel better, do better, be better
  • focus your life
  • improve an existing career
  • find a new and better career
  • determine compatibility - dating, marriage, business partnerships, friendships
  • have fewer problems and make fewer mistakes
  • reduce fear, stress, anxiety, worry
  • have more confidence
  • make a real difference
  • gain genuine long-term happiness
    and personal/professional fulfillment

The information below explains how to find your life purpose. This free information is derived and condensed from the copyrighted book, "Find Your Life Purpose in less than an hour". Written by me. And available on amazon. If you find the information below too complicated or time consuming, simply purchase my book, it makes discovering your life purpose a lot faster, a lot easier, and it's multiple choice!

The following information shows you how to find your purpose in life .....

Your life purpose should fit you perfectly. It should be exciting and inspiring. If it's not, or you have trouble finding your life purpose on your own or you just don't want to do it yourself because it looks like a lot of work or a big headache to you - then by all means purchase my short, easy to understand interactive paperback book, "Find Your Life Purpose in less than an hour", a life changing book, available at

note: sometimes a person's actual life or work history turns out to be completely at odds with their life purpose. It doesn't match. This clearly points out that the "right" person has been living the "wrong" life or working in the "wrong" field. Living a life that doesn't match who you really are. If by chance your life purpose and your actual life don't really match, then, using your life purpose as the starting point, you might want to start planning a new, more fitting and rewarding life ... career ... or both. A life match.

OK, now you're ready to learn how to find your life purpose! First, read though ALL the material below before you actually do the steps.

the process:

Find Your Life Purpose

Not to worry, the process does not involve religion, or things like astrology, numerology, brainwashing, hypnosis, meditation, drugs, exercises or anything that requires you to radically change into something you're not, or believe something you don't feel or know to be so.

There are 3 parts to your life purpose ...

Step #1 Motivations
First, think of the 10-12 activities you like to do most (food and sex do not count, unless you are truly destined to be in the food or sex industry).

Next you determine what actions are required to do your favorite activities. Think in terms of "action verbs"; action verbs are words like: create, nurture, restore, catagorize, communicate, etc. Then, narrow it down to the top 3 choices.

Step #2 Principles
Next you think of the ideals that you, personally, believe in most strongly. What you stand for. Come up with as many as you can think of (10-12 if possible). Examples might be "beauty" or "equality" or "safety" or "success" or "compassion". Then you choose the single most important principle to you; your guiding principle.

Step #3 Targets
Your life purpose also involves being of service. Being of service to others. Being of service to others in the real world. Think about others in society who you care about strongly and would like to see helped, i.e. what groups or types of people or entity would you most like to serve or see helped? Think of as many as come to mind (10-12 if possible). Examples might be "animals" or "children" or "women" or "sick people" or "addicts" etc. Then you choose the single most important one to you, the one that you feel the strongest about. This is your target.

After you complete these 3 exercises properly all 3 components of your life purpose will have been revealed to you. Motivations, Principle and Target.

Just put the components together and you'll have uncovered your true purpose in life.

Congratulations! If you have properly and successfully completed the above steps your life purpose will have been revealed to you ... and you will have taken a giant step toward enlightenment ... and gained extremely valuable and practical knowledge you can use - today - to mold your life into what you want it to be.

NOTE: This is not an aptitude test or a career finding program, though the book does list many possible careers which might fit your life purpose. Using the process, you can discover your overall life purpose. How you choose to apply your life purpose is up to you. After I uncovered my own unique life purpose, I had to figure out a way to implement it that totally fit me. I chose "author" (writing books and blogs) and personal consultation.

Find your life purpose - in less than an hour

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"Everyone has a purpose in life ... a unique gift or special talent to give to others. And when we blend this unique talent with service to others, we experience the ecstasy and exultation of our own spirit, which is the ultimate goal of all goals." - Deepak Chopra